Blocked Toilets

If you require assistance with toilet unblocking, you've come to the right place by visiting us here at Budget Rod.

Our drainage engineers have all of the knowledge, experience and tools to unblock toilets - no matter what the reason for the blockage. Our experience covers toilet unblocking in both homes and commercial settings.

Toilet Unblocking

Additionally, if it is a urinal which is blocked, we are well versed in providing this service thanks to our commercial drainage services. We carry the necessary tools to provide a swift unblocking service here at Budget Rod. Don't waste time and suffer without one of the toilets in your property being usable; we will quickly fix your blocked toilet for an affordable and proportionate price.

We're used to messy jobs, and we're eager to help you with yours! - 0151 268 8716

Blocked Toilet taking place in Liverpool

Blocked Toilet - 0151 268 8716

We're glad that we turned to the professionals at Budget Rod to get our toilet fixed. They worked quickly and they were affordable too. Liz Oliver, Chester

The jetting of our drains was a bigger job than we'd anticipated, although we'd never had them cleaned before. But the guys who came out did a great job and everything's working much more smoothly now. Rob Jacobs, Manchester

Blocked Toilet

Blocked Toilets

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