Have you been searching for a service that can help you to unblock your drains, toilet, or fix any other drainage problems you have? Budget Rod has a great reputation for being the best place to call to fix blocked drains all across Liverpool. We also offer a wide variety of drainage services like:

You might be wondering what makes us the best option for your drainage jobs in Liverpool? There are a few different reasons, including the fact that since we’re located within the North West we only focus on jobs that are based in our local area so we’re always able to get to you with no fuss. Our response times are always super fast, and we’ll can rush out for any emergency call outs you require. We don't add any call out charges on top of the cost of the work that needs doing either, so you'll never have to worry about extortionate charges.

We've got so many amazing reviews from our customers in Liverpool that back up our claim of being one of the best emergency drainage services options in your area.

Our Drainage Services in Liverpool

We are experts in all the services listed above, but through Liverpool we usually specialise in these services the most...

Drain Unblocking in Liverpool

We're pro drain cleaners as well as drain unblockers, so we'll be able to examine your drains whenever you need help making sure that they won’t be prone to clogging. We have plenty of specialist equipment that we use for our drain cleaning jobs that means we’ll be able to offer a thorough clean.

Liverpool Toilet Unblocking

If your toilet or urinal has blocked then we're the perfect emergency plumber to call and unblock your toilet. We aren't picky and will accept both commercial and domestic customers for our toilet unblocking services, so you won’t have to worry about waiting for a plumber to get to you.

Get In Touch With Us For Any Drain Unblocking Services

Wherever you’re located in Liverpool, we’re always available at the end of the phone line to head out to you immediately. If you find yourself needing emergency services to unblock drains or any of our other services that are available throughout the Liverpool area then you can contact us on 0800 612 7953.

We're glad that we turned to the professionals at Budget Rod to get our toilet fixed. They worked quickly and they were affordable too. Liz Oliver, Chester

The jetting of our drains was a bigger job than we'd anticipated, although we'd never had them cleaned before. But the guys who came out did a great job and everything's working much more smoothly now. Rob Jacobs, Manchester

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